Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Squeerill !!

I no longer seem to possess the capacity for sustained and coherent thought.  Is there such a thing as adult onset ADHD?  Perhaps it's an affliction of all mothers of young children.  Or wives.  Or teachers.  


My boys loved The Wiggles when they were little.  If you're not familiar with The Wiggles then you should pull a clip up on YouTube.  You'll be banging your head against the wall in no time.  Okay, so maybe you shouldn't check them out on YouTube.  They are, or were, are they still around?, an Australian children's TV show.  And they pronounce squirrel as 'squeerill'.  I couldn't say the stupid word properly for years.

I find TV to be a most fascinating entity.  It elicits the most random flow of verbiage at the most random of times....

Matt -- Holy cow!  Serbia is AMAZING!

Grant -- Would you ever work on a crab boat if it was the last job in the world even though you hate crab and would probably die?

Jaden -- Well Mom, that wouldn't be an issue if you had some Pajama Jeans.

We don't even really watch that much TV around here (please don't ask me what my children are doing while I sit here spewing randomness at you).  Okay, it's possible that the boys may have watched more than their fair share this summer.  Don't judge me.  That's what summer is for.  Laziness.  Relaxation.  Whole days of absolute worthlessness.  But truly, we have been equally busy as we have lazy.  I have at least 1,726 photos of our lazy/busy summer but they're all on my phone as it has become my primary photographic device.  And they're all stuck there.  As smart as my phone is, it will no longer communicate with my Mac and so, you are hereby going to be spared the agony of an endless stream of  Potts family pics.  

Instead, here is an abbreviated stream...

The annual 4th of July parade out at LRC has become pitifully thin.  There were only about 10 "floats" this year and my family comprised four of them.  Here's 3/4 of them...J is on the little 4-wheeler, Papa Pat and G on the big one, and Matt is in the Jeep.

Baseball has been an all consuming affair since March.  Grant eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball and after a 2 year hiatus, Jaden is back into it full swing.  Pun sort of intended.  G is currently playing on his 3rd team of the year and earlier in the summer the boys were able to play on a team together.  This was a rare treat.  It was heartening to see them put aside their fierce competitiveness and work together as a brotherly team.  Of course, they were doing this because they actually make a powerhouse duo (and they were well aware of this) and they wanted to show off to anybody within eyeshot.  But whatever.  One small victory at a time.  Right?

Here they are at Tech's baseball camp...

And I hate my cats.  They are destroying my house and I would deport them back to Kittyville except two little boys are ridiculously attached to them.  I'm ready to declaw every paw in the house but Matt is adamant that we try Soft Paws Cat Claw Covers first.  This will surely make for a memorable blog post in the coming days.  



Jerry said...

This is so cool! Great job! Looks like you and your family are very busy in Lubbock!


Angie said...

Thanks Jerry! Hope you're enjoying your summer!