Monday, June 29, 2009

Exponential Acceleration

In case you've been living with your head in the clouds as I have, I'll bring you up to speed...the summer's 1/3 over. So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Adieu! I swear time goes faster as the years go by. So this evening, in typical math nerd fashion, I'm trying to decide on an equation that accurately models this strange relationship between life and time. Exponential f(x)=b^x? No. Acceleration a=∆v/∆t? Nope. Exponential acceleration? Yes! Hmmm. Wonder what that looks like. As I'm poking around in cyberspace in search of said mathematical model, I come across this...

Now if that doesn't make you giggle I don't know what will.

So, back to:

First Day of Summer...

Jaden complained for 9 months about how much he hated school, how boring 1st grade was, and how he was probably going to die if he had to learn any more phonics. So can you imagine what he chooses to spend the first day of summer doing? Playing school with Grant.

And not 3 days after that we're driving to my mom's house one afternoon which takes us right past his school. In his most dreamy and nostalgic voice he says, "Oh look! It's my school. I just LOVE that place." Oy.

A few days later, my birthday...

Matt has the boys make their own cards for my birthday. My heart swells up when I see Grant's. My baby has written his name on the front! How is he old enough to do this? And then I open it up. And he is so proud. He's drawn a picture of me and written yet another note that says, drum roll please, "more wine".

What does this say about me??

Don't answer that.

And a few more days after that...

Baseball begins! Grant's old enough to play this year so we spend the first 2 weeks of June with both boys practicing at the exact same times on the exact same days in DIFFERENT locations. Yeesh. Now that we're into the season, the boys have 2 games/week and J has one practice. But all on different days. That's baseball 5 times a week. I'm pretty sure there's a b in that equation for exponential acceleration. And it stands for baseball.

Aren't they adorable?!