Friday, December 30, 2011


I will not be overwhelmed by the enormity of life.  I will not be overwhelmed by the enormity of life.  I will not be overwhelmed by the enormity of life.  My mantra.  I think I am going to tattoo it on the insides of my eyelids so I'll never forget it.

Well, maybe not.  I just momentarily passed out from the thought of that.

Jaden just walked through the kitchen and announced that, "Yeck!  It smells like cat saliva in here!"  Grant is wandering around the house like a lost kitten because even in the midst of 346.3 new toys, games, and other Christmas related paraphernalia, he just can't find anything to do.  This is why I need a mantra.  This is why I'm considering opening a bottle of Merlot at 2:49 in the afternoon.

I am, however, comforted in the knowledge that I'm not alone in this world.  >>>insert flashback harp sound effects and shimmery visual fade here<<<

It's 1:00, December 22nd, and we've FINALLY begun our Christmas holiday
(Yes, we seriously had to teach until noon on the 22nd.  I'm not bitter though)
We're driving along in my MIL's car (thank you Sherry!!) because the van is in the shop undergoing various repairs to the tune of $500.  3 days before Christmas.  Sigh.
Sleigh bells are jingling up and down the streets, Christmas cheer is sparkling in the breeze, and the boys are happily conversing in the back seat:

J:  We're finally done with school!
G: I can't wait for Santa to come.  We better bake some cookies tonight.
J: We leave Oreos for Santa every year.  We just need to go to the store.
G: Whatever.  I call that Camaro!
J: I call that Mustang!  It is HOT!
G: Oh! I call that Ferrari!!
J: That's not a Ferrari, Grant.  It's a Ford.
Simultaneously:  I call that corvette!! 
G:  Jinx!
J: OW! Don't pinch me!  *smack*
*slap* *punch* *other general ruckus sounds, screeching and hollering*

Then there's me, driving forward while turned around somewhat backward flailing a hand about swatting whatever little boy leg I can reach while hollering about kindness, good will toward men, and something to the effect of, "....and Santa is WATCHING and he is probably going to leave ALL your presents at the North Pole and just put COAL in your stockings and you better not cry about it because you have EARNED it!!"

Once they're both sobbing sufficiently, I turned back to the road only to notice that the woman driving in the Explorer next to us is turned around backward, hand flailing about in the back seat, yelling animatedly...probably about Santa and coal.

I am not alone in this world.  I am not alone in this world.  The mom in the Explorer and I probably swerved into oncoming traffic 3 times each but at least I am not alone in this world!  

Drinking and driving has long been frowned upon, however, I'm thinking we should revise our stance on this least with regard to mothers (especially at Christmastime).  I guarantee the road would have been a much safer place that day if we had both been 2 margaritas in with a third in hand (click HERE to read my post on how tequila makes you a better parent).  

But then the moment passes, two little boys smile for the camera at the same time, and I'm reminded that the enormity of life phases in and out and most often it is just a state of mind.  

I was both astonished and thrilled to be able to snap multiple pics of the boys on this Thanksgiving day.  They are rarely (that should probably read *never*) cooperative enough to pose for pictures.  I actually have a BUNCH of great pics  from this moment in time but thought it best not to bore you with ALL of them.  You're welcome.

Photo op with Grandma Sherry... 

Turkey day football with Papa Pat and Daddy...

16 years with a genuinely amazing man...

 Photo op with Boboosh...

And then....Oreo Truffles.  It turns out that I don't actually like them.  Weird, I know.  The boys gobbled them up though.

Cream cheese and crushed double stuffed Oreos...

Roll 'em up and freeze...

Dip and sprinkle...

Pure long as you like Oreos.