Monday, December 28, 2009


December is a sneaky little sonuvagun. It creeps up behind you and taps your shoulder and by the time you've whirled around to face it, it's gone. I suppose that after 34.5, 26 years I should be a little more prepared to meet this lovely winter month, yet year after year it catches me unawares. Stupid December.

Here's how mine turned out...

  1. My baby turned 5 the other day. And by the other day I mean about 4 weeks ago. I am unable to enlighten/bore you with countless pictures and tales of the birthday party because while I am overjoyed to have a healthy, happy, and somewhat ornery 5-year old, I am also somewhat stunned. You know, stunned like someone just slapped you across the face for no apparent reason and all you can do is make sounds that vaguely resemble Porky the Pig. And as if that's not bad enough, I also feel like I'm taking on Porky's physique thanks to the richness of the holiday season and possibly that ginormous plate of my dad's fudge that I've been consuming for breakfast for the past 3 days. Dang-o-mighty that stuff is good.
  2. We officially attended our LAST Christmas program for PDO though I'm not sure why we bothered. Don't get me wrong...the program was adorable as always. It's just that our child spent his farewell performance imitating a statue. A pouting statue.
  3. December 18th marked the start date for a frenzy of holiday activity: 9 Christmas celebrations (8 of which we attended), 2 more birthdays, our 14th anniversary (Cheers to one remarkable man for putting up with me for that long), and...
  4. SNOW! We haven't had a decent snow in several years so this one was loooooong overdue. We woke up on Christmas Eve to 5-6 inches, most of which was plastered to the side of my house since it only snows sideways on the TX plains. The boys very nearly died from anticipation as they waited for the temperature to get up into at least the 20's and for the wind to settle down enough to quit making snownados in the backyard. Once these meteorological conditions were achieved, the boys dove into the 4 foot drifts and commenced digging tunnels and pelting eachother with snowballs.

This last pic is post-snowball fight snuggling. And notice the snaggletooth big kid? Matt yanked that left tooth out later that night. This year we left cookies and milk out for Santa AND the Tooth Fairy!