Thursday, January 21, 2010

Laugh it up Fuzzball

The last 8 days have been filled with all kinds of exciting fuzzball goodness. Jack and Simon came to live with us while the Price fam vacationed. Let me just say, this is absolutely the BEST way to have pets. You get 2 fluffy, fully trained puppies delivered to your door. They stay and play a while. And just about the time you start thinking, "If those poop machines doodle in my yard one more time...", *POOF* they go home! Brilliant! I'm thinking I could market this somehow.

The boys had a fabulous time with the pups. I am not a dog person myself, but I have to say I quite enjoyed them, too. I even learned a few things while they were here:

1. Dogs are not very fragrant when they are wet.

2. Apparently little boys require extensive training to learn to properly walk a dog.

3. Boys can move at the speed of light when a dog throws up.

4. When male pups reach sexual maturity, they do not care if the other dog is female, male, or even another dog at all.

In other news, the boys have been doing chores to earn a little money of their own. We've got them using Dave Ramsey's envelope system: Spend, Save, Give. It takes a little while to build up enough money to "Spend" when you have to divide your earnings 3 ways, but Grant finally managed to accumulate enough for a spending spree...though there's not much spree to it when you've only got $15 in this economy. But regardless, Grant is only 5. And you'll be pleased to know that when you're only 5, the amount of money in your pocket is not the important thing. Neither is the item purchased. No, what truly matters are the receipts. Who knew?

Jaden went shopping with his money as well, but at age 7, he is no longer enamored with receipts. He is all about the new series of Legos and, better yet, the freedom to purchase his very own bag of beef jerky. To each his own I always say. J even had a little extra money to spend because of this...

Honestly, that Tooth Fairy pays pretty well these days, especially when she forgets to drop by to pick up that last tooth and then has to pay double in restitution the next night.

There's no good story for this next pic. I had to post it because when I saw it the first time I was blown away by how grown up he looked.

Would somebody please be so kind as to press this kid's Pause button?

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Bear Grylls is psychotic (Hulu yourself some Man vs. Wild if you don't know this guy). Except for when he jumped out of a helicopter over a remote tropical island. THAT I understand. Not because I've been there done that, but because sometimes I'm tempted to go there do that. I'm sure all it would take is a quick Google: "pilot who will fly over remote tropical island and look the other way whilst I leap out and plummet towards silence and solitude thus escaping the frenzy that comes with living with 3 testosterone fueled males". Oh yes. There are a few of you out there that know EXACTLY what I mean. Here's a snapshot of a moment in the Potts house today ...

  • Early morning Nerf dart gun war resulting in 498 darts strewn about the house including 7 in the Christmas tree, 3 in the kitchen sink, and 1 under my pillow. Don't ask. I have no idea.
  • BB gun target practice in the back yard resulting in neon orange target shrapnel strewn, well, everywhere
  • An archery contest with new bows and suction cup arrows that fire waaaay better than the dollar store variety. Bear in mind that said archers have had little to no education in the way of archery etiquette.

  • Snowball fight on the trampoline
  • Basketball practice in the driveway which morphed into...
  • Nerf basketball game in the house which included the use of a random mattress

    which morphed into...
  • Tackle basketball in the living room.

And none of this is out of the ordinary.  I should've asked Santa for a parachute.