Monday, May 17, 2010


WHO keeps messing with my space-time continuum?  Seriously.  I have no idea how mid-May got here so impossibly fast.  Easter was a blur.  But the boys actually sat still long enough to dye all the eggs this year.   Three cheers for 30-minute attention spans!

Spring sprang and the boys now spend all their free time outside with the boys across the alley or playing baseball with Dad.

We put our house on the market on April 9th and sold it 2 weeks later.  Those were the longest 2 weeks of my life.  While I thoroughly enjoyed having a sparkly clean house, I did not much care for being the Fingerprint Nazi I was forced to become...."Don't touch that!  You'll get fingerprints on it!  Don't sit on the bed!  I just made it up!  No you can't use the potty I just scrubbed it!  Go pee on the tree!"

The boys were actually pretty helpful during those 2 weeks.  It could've been because they were afraid of Nazi Mom, but I'm choosing to believe it was because they are just sweet and compliant children.  Have I been breathing too many household cleaner fumes?  Probably.

Here's Grant during a moment of helpfulness cleaning out the flower bed with Daddy.  This lasted 5 whole minutes until he discovered the worms he could dig up in the mud.  Apparently worms are more fun than manual labor.

Another soccer season has come and gone.  Life can't get any better than shaved ice after a game.

We made it to Ranch Day this year too.  What a FUN way to spend a day with the family!  And it's freeeeeee!

Here Matt and Jaden are patiently waiting on hot buttered biscuits baked over the campfire in a cast iron dutch oven.  Lots of other people started to gather and wait too.  It cracked me up to see a bunch of people living in the richest country in the world elbowing small children out of the way to make sure they got a biscuit before they were all gone.  Sorry there are no pictures of the stampede to post.  I was busy wrestling an elderly woman to the ground over the last biscuit.

The weather was strangely cooperative too, which was nice.

Photo by Grant...

The boys both got to ride horses....they thought it was a lot more fun than this picture shows.

The kids received a work card when they arrived and after working as a ranch hand at 5-6 locations, they could turn the card in to get paid then spend their earnings at the general store.  My favorite was the laundry work station.  My grandma had one of these old washboards!