Sunday, February 21, 2010


Matt: If I were a wizard, THIS would be my wand.

And Yoda would be my Patronus!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I really love...

that these boys are all mine

and that between the three of them, they possess a galaxy-sized measure of obscure Star Wars knowledge.

I love...

that I married a man who makes the most ridiculously scrumptious chocolate creme brulee...

and that there are no pictures of it to post because I ate the last of it for breakfast the other day.

I love...

going to wake the boys in the morning and finding them snuggled together

the perfect peace that is the face of a sleeping child

their coconut flavored hair after bathtime

big brown eyes

and Valentine parties

I love...

that my big kid is still innocent enough to be puzzled at our laughter when he brought this home from the school library...

I love...

photographs that stir my heart

girlfriends girlfriends girlfriends

parents and in-laws to share in the story of our lives


I love...

that J will proudly storm the grocery store in this get-up

that G tries to swing high enough to loop himself over the bar

and funny faces

and noogies

because there's just no better way to show someone you love 'em. Unless it's your grandma. You should probably just hug her.